Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Transmigration of Cinema

This is quite possibly the most radical cinema in the world today. Now appearing in San Francisco, and in selected cities worldwide. Calling it "multi-media" misses the point. It asks is there a Next Level of media activism? You've read it here first. - MS


If mass media has become ground zero for the colonization of dreams, and arts + culture now resemble ground beef at 99c-a-pound from the Spectacle's butcher shop, the XL Terrestrials will soon arrive on the set to re-adjust your picture and put some pure-grade reality and higher intelligence back on your plate. Whether it be one or a hundred media ecologists with psychomagic machetes coming to clear a path, THE TRANSMIGRATION OF CINEMA is a mix of film clips, media analysis, theater acts, an open forum and open source application ready to illuminate the bright green exit signs and infinite re-connections to our planet and our communities.

The Transmigration of Cinema is an "xtra-theatrical" presentation of film clips from a wide swathe of consumer/art fliks to serious resistance media to the new digital drive-by infotainment in order to pose the question: What exactly will it take to drop a Spectacle-buster in the age of the digicam herds, my-(panoptic-rectal-exam)space, vloggers, netflix, data-miners, disinfo consolidated, embedded journalism, the military entertainment complex and the multi-billion dollar pixelated dream colonies? Is there a Next Level of media activism? Animated discussion, outrage and/or humor highly encouraged !
Excerpts include a number of bits from San Francisco's catalogue, i.e- Craig Baldwin's seminal "Spectres of the Spectrum", the "Anxious Animation" collection, and Lutz Dammbeck's "The Net" together with clips from documentary and video activist work like Jehane Noujaim's Control Room, Big Noise Film's "Zapatista",'s "We Interrupt This Empire...", Beyond TV/Undercurrents,, P2P Fightsharing, all juxtaposed with various outtakes from the Hollywood propoganda machine. And some extraordinary oddities like Rick Prelinger's "hits" called "Ephemeral Films", Getty Images' "The Big Idea", and a few Ars Electronica and Res Fest selections. And just added: a new flash animation called "The Corruptibles".
All with the intent to provoke and inspire action regarding the state of today's mass media ecology that might just be the Virtual Climate Change that endangers us all.Empowered communications or Mousetrap 2.0 ?
In some venues, following the Transmigration of Cinema program, djs Podp ( xl terrestrials and radio indymedia - SF ) and DanSeizure ( forest cafe - UK) will mix up radical world beats - with a culture jamming edge and a pirate's permanent one-eyed wink and left hook.

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