Sunday, May 27, 2007

Cannes honours film star Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda given career Palme d'Or at Cannes Film Festival
The Cannes Film Festival brought Jane Fonda to town for a gala dinner paying tribute to her late father, Henry Fonda - then gave the actress a surprise award of her own.
The Cannes Film Festival screened Henry Fonda's "Twelve Angry Men" on Saturday night, then brought guests to dinner at a nearby luxury hotel, where Jane Fonda was honoured with a career Palme d'Or, or Golden Palm. Festival President Gilles Jacob recounted Jane Fonda's career highs and lows, and her controversial trip to North Vietnam in 1972, joking that he never thought the festival would honour someone who had been "spied on and hounded by the FBI". At one point, Jacob seemed to criticise Henry Fonda for not doing as much as his daughter to uphold the humanist values he defended in his movies. "He had a sense of duty but not political courage, while you, you have the unshakable stubbornness of someone who has figured out where justice lies and how to defend the oppressed, and who follows through," Jacob said. "He played that in his movies, you did it in life." Jane Fonda, visibly moved, put the focus back on her father, responding in excellent French, "For my father, his films were his way of representing justice, quality and democracy."She added her hope that one day, "the United States will again become the country that he stood for".

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