Monday, May 07, 2007

Buscemi is DELIRIOUS

The Centerpiece film of the fest, DELIRIOUS, has Steve Buscemi everyone's fave indie second-banana with top billing as the bedraggled "I'm a professional" photographer who wrestles fame and celeb worship (l, with camera, and Michael Pitt, still looking like Kurt Cobain).

The film transcended the easy-to-mock-and-knock-the-celebrity formula. Revealing and even tender insights from each character exacted by the always rewarding director Tom DeCillo (Living in Oblivion) shines, and great fun in this satirical piece. On stage afterwards, Tom and Alison Lohman (Matchstick Men, Flicka, Big Fish) field Q&A from the audience, and relate the challenges having this film, a six-year project by DeCillo, finally be screened. At turns telling hilarious behind-the-scenes tales, and then confessing poignant frustrations of the burden and costs of making a feature film, reaffirms the miracle that a film even gets in the can, and then screened even more amazing. Delirious also premiered at Sundance this year. Release is scheduled for September.

At the after party, for SFIFF partiers, at club One8One, or is it 1Eight1, a free drink, bowls of hummus , passed munchies on a stick, and meeting film fans at every turn. Sponsored by Bay Area Women in Film, along side the trendy DJ-tunes being spun, was the presence of BaddaBing pole acrobats, revealing more than their inner-babe. Dancers, hit the floor! - MS
DiCillo's darkly comic visions have established his reputation as one of the preeminent American independent directors. His 1991 debut feature, Johnny Suede, launched the career of Brad Pitt. Subsequent films include Living in Oblivion (SFIFF 1995), Box of Moonlight (1996) and The Real Blonde (1997). Delirious is his sixth feature film.

Les Galantine (Steve Buscemi) is a man with a single-minded sense of purpose: "Shot heard round the world—that’s what I'm aimin’ for." Slithering along the muddy bottom of the celebrity food chain, on the prowl for sightings of New York’s glitterati, this dissolute paparazzo is consumed by a Grail-like search for an exclusive celebrity photo. Enter his foil, a charming, dumpster-dwelling homeless youth named Toby Grace, whose childlike naiveté and unspoiled optimism are as luminous as Les is dark. Reluctantly offering to let the kid crash in his cluttered closet, Les signs Toby on as his assistant, and together they stalk the streets in the elusive shadows of the stars. "Think big, get big" Les asserts to his young protégé. The guys score a coup when they spot and shoot Chuck "The Beef" Sirloin exiting a penile surgery unit with his doctored member in full view. But fate, in the form of teen-queen starlet K’Harma, steals Toby away to fame and fortune of his own, leaving Les behind, bitterly abandoned in the (star)dust. Indie favorite Tom DiCillo’s hip and urbane take on the buddy-movie genre stars Steve Buscemi, (brilliantly playing Les as if he were Ratso Rizzo) and Michael Pitt (last seen channeling Kurt Cobain in Gus Van Sant’s Last Days) as the dreamy Toby, with Alison Lohman as pop starlet K’Harma and Gina Gershon as Dana, the sultry talent agent who lures Toby onto the proverbial casting couch. Nice cameos by Cinqué Lee (as a reality television director) and Elvis Costello round out the cast of this buoyant tale of life in today’s celebrity culture.—Karen Davis

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