Thursday, May 03, 2007

On the Road Again

The Whole Gang Was BEING
Seeing the story of Jack Kerouac and On The Road was invigorating, funny, throughly engaging and to witness these Giants was a special treat. Sitting two rows back and listening to readings from (l. ro r.) Peter Coyote, Michael McClure, Diana DiPrima, and Barry Gifford (Photo by Pat Mazzera) bringing it all in focus made me realize how strong the imperative to be authentic, alive and full of spirit, wherever the road ahead of you may take you. My road to San Francisco has certainy reminded and refreshed me of this! - MS
From the daily ScoopduJour
A full house at the Kabuki welcomed actor Peter Coyote and literary icons Barry Gifford, Diane DiPrima and Michael McClure to pay tribute to friend and mentor Jack Kerouac and celebrate the golden anniversary of his groundbreaking On the Road. Jack Boulware and Jane Ganahl, cofounders of Litquake, introduced this extraordinary group as they recalled Kerouac’s influence on their lives and work. Gifford reminded Festivalgoers what the book continues to teach readers young and old, “You don't have to stay in Dipstick, Ohio—you can get out and change your life.” DiPrima candidly recalled late nights in New York with Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg; when an audience member chimed in that she couldn’t hear, the author quipped, “Make it up!” Amidst hearty audience laughs were humble, heartfelt readings from On the Road and McClure’s powerful recitation of an excerpt from Mexico City Blues. Heads nodded in recognition as Coyote noted, “An underground river connected the hipster, beat, hippie and outsider.” Everyone in the theater, from ages 25 to 65, left with Boulware’s inspirational words: “All of you should pick it up and read it again—it’s a healthy thing to do.”

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