Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Top Challenges For Nonprofits is on the Mark

Thursday, May 31. 2007
Top Challenges For Nonprofits
A new study from the Johns Hopkins Nonprofit Listening Post Project identifies the following as the top "very significant" challenges for nonprofits, as indicated by responding organizations:
Charitable fundraising (68% of organizations)
Health benefit costs (58%)
Government budget cuts (47%)
Generating fee income (46%)
Board recruitment (46%)
Public understanding (41%)

That fundraising is the top concern is hardly a shocker; but somewhat surprisingly, only 23% of nonprofits cited "accountability demands" as a very significant challenge.
One has to wonder how much the 77% of nonprofits who don't perceive accountability as a significant challenge overlaps with the 68% who have fundraising problems!

P.S. The sample included 341 nonprofits from the children & family services, elderly housing & services, community & economic development, and museum & theaters sectors.