Tuesday, June 12, 2007

On The Map first week review

Blazing Through Week 1

In just one week, On The Map with Avi Lewis has challenged the official U.S. line on the Iraq Oil Law, taken an unflinching look at Israel's role in Gaza's worsening economic crisis, suggested the Tiananmen Square (photo, l.) protesters wanted more socialism (not less), called out the G8 for broken promises to Africa, and asked whether celebrities singing songs and shopping can really solve world hunger. Along the way, Avi has battled the spin of John Bolton (photo, r.) and gone toe-to-toe with Paul Martin. Phew! And that's just a taste of the first week... You can watch all the stories at cbc.ca/onthemap.

What's Up Next
Tonight, On The Map explores the U.S. practice of rendition with Michael Scheuer, CIA veteran and author of Imperial Hubris, and Michael Rattner of the Center for Constitutional Rights.

Avi also interviews the controversial Somali-born former Dutch MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She is the writer/creator of a film that criticized Islam, and led to the gruesome murder of its director, Theo van Gogh (photo, r.). Now featured at the right-wing think tank, the American Enterprise Institute, Ali has become the champion of many U.S. policies.

Tuesday, the ethanol issue is put On The Map. With demand for biofuels pushing up the price of agricultural crops, feeding people takes a backseat to greening our rides. In Mexico, the once cheap staple tortilla is now priced out of the hands and stomachs of the most needy. The show will look at how inflated prices cause a ripple effect jacking up more than just the cost of corn. Avi interviews former CIA (photo, l.) Director James Woolsey to find out if promoting ethanol is just corporate welfare for already heavily subsidized agribusinesses.

Also up week 2! On The Map continues to track down that elusive phantom aid western governments and NGOs keep promising, but somehow fail to deliver. The show will hone in on unfinished projects and the politics of in-the-field aid work. Avi will speak to one of the authors of the Real Aid report that found a big chunk of the money does nothing to fight poverty. The show will also take a closer look at Colombia and a president linked to corruption, death squads and U.S. interests. All this and more On The Map next week! We'll do our best to keep you on top of what's coming up when, but hey - it's a fast moving world and the news is always changing...