Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pick Your Candidate

The first presidential preference ballots will soon be cast, in Iowa.
Oh my.

Meanwhile, the rest of us may benefit, if that's the right description, by taking the following survey. You may discover your views are represented by a certain candidate that you were not even aware of. Your views may be very close to a candidate that you thought were actually quite different. Find out. 25 issues are listed. You may find your candidate is not quite the one you thought - or, you may be in perfect alignment.
Instructions: Go through each issue listed and choose the stance you would prefer in a president. If a particular issue is important to you, select a different weight to the right. If an issue is not important to you, leave it as unknown/other. This site will attempt to match your views against the views of the US presidential candidates.

The People have spoken.

Will the Candidates listen? Or, does it matter?

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