Thursday, August 23, 2007

Midsummer's Night and Incredible Dreams

What A NIGHT!!! Here are many of the pictures captured during the delirious and delightful evening of merriment, madness and mirth! You can visit or to see full fledged formats and many more pics.

Beginning while sunset was coloring the tropical skies, and into the late night while the Perseid Meteor showers were spraying their own sparkling light, the hundreds who attended reveled to the sounds of the Marvelous Meteor Orchestra, and DJ Sean, watched nearly 50 artists from the visual, performing and literary arts celebrate their talents and dreams, and encouraged everyone to share and embrace the arts and their own visions for community, as Dream Cards were issued to all to declare what futures they could envision. SPECIAL THANKS and HIGH PRAISE to Joyce Stahl for hosting the affair, to Marky Pierson and Christa Hunt (photo, r.) for creating the original sets (for two stages performing simultaneously!) and coordinating the program lineup extraordinaire. Christa also stepped up as MC and further kept the magic moving all night.

Sherry Tewell (photo, on Mural Project poster, below) along with MarkyP put together THE MURAL PROJECT that engaged 30 different painters to recreate Henri Rousseau's aptly titled work, "The Dream", and to the delight of everyone, created a 12' by 7' piece that is now installed at SODU Gallery, on Upper Duval Street. The piece is simply astounding. Stop by SODU to see this remarkable community piece of art! More such Mural Project pieces are being considered along with yet more SALON styled programs. Stay tuned for the events as they unfold and are revealed, location and time!

Singer, storyteller and troubadour Ben Harrison (photo, r.) adds his tunes to the music of the Night with a solo set and later, with the sharp sounds of the Marvelous Meteor Orchestra, of Nick Charles, Matthew Watson, Mike Emerson and Joe Dallas (photo of Joe and Mike, below)
In addition to singers and musicians raising the music to new levels, there were dancers Leon and Lucy making salsa sauce and movin' and shakin' in true Cayo Hueso style - very caliente!

In Barbara Ehrenreich's newest book, Dancing In The Streets: A History of Collective Joy, she points out that the human need for celebration and ritual is unsurpassed.

In her acclaimed book Blood Rites, she delved into the origins of our species’ attraction to war. Here, she explores the opposite impulse, one that has been so effectively suppressed that we lack even a term for it: the desire for collective joy, historically expressed in ecstatic revels of feasting, costuming, and dancing. Our effort to fashion a measure of joy is more than the simple urge to "par-ty". It is vital to our understanding of who we are as a culture, and to create the culture we imagine. Everyone who joined us for A Midsummer's Night created a collective experience and will further serve to imagine what the future can be. One's "dreams" are important, and vital, and no matter the scope or scale, they are what propel us into our future.

The evening also saw the re-staging for the One Night Stand 's one-act play that was produced only two days earlier at the Studios of Key West. The 3-member cast had to work with an opening line and a closing line that had been provided to all four teams that joined for a 24-hour lock-down, and crafted with a set by Rick Worth. Directed by Doug Shook, with Tom Murtha doing the night's turn, it featured Chris Stone, Mook J, and Cricket Desmerais in "Everyone Gets Laid on Valentine's Day".

There's more pics to come and credits to give in the next blog....stay tuned......

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